So I want to quit my job. Not today or tomorrow, but I’m taking the first steps.

Getting a LinkedIn account. Rewriting my CV. Thinking about what I’d rather be doing. What I want to be doing in 5 years.

It’s not so much quitting as it is taking the necessary steps to get to where I want to go.

Where that is, I’m not sure. I see two roads and I’ll have to choose.


Babies & work

A girl in my family got married a few weeks before me. She’s three months pregnant now.

She works for her father in law. I guess When thinking about getting pregnant, it helps to know you won’t get fired.

Navy suit

Today I’m wearing a navy suit that I got because a guest post on Corporette told me to.
I love how it looks and I love that I know where to find that kind of advice.


I think the biggest problem with this blog is that it has no reason to be. I write mostly to vent off some frustration, maybe to distract myself during my commute.
But there’s nothing in it for you.
Definitely no good advice, and not really any story worth following.
The cast of characters is me, with some hubby incursion.
There’s no continuity between posts, other than the fact that work is always taking all my time and I deal with it however I can.

Physical safety is overrated

Right now i’m forcing myself to write. While I walk back to work after lunch.
I might stumble and fall and THEN I wouldn’t have to get back to work (assuming sufficient damage was done).
My husband, being biased as he is about me being healthy and all, would not approve of me dreaming about being sent to the hospital.
But it’s just one of these months. Like the last ummm 6 months? That long since summer break?

Happy hate day

I can’t stand slow people. People who watch tv all the time, with no purpose other than not having to use their brains.
I hate people with no power of will. Those that make up with big words what they lack in action and facts.

Not a pretty place to be

I’m on the edge of breaking down and giving up.
Need to hold in my tears. It might look weird if I start crying in the subway.
I want to die. Woe is me. All of that. And it’s only because of work. Everything else is all fine and sunny. But work is 14 hours a day, the rest is shower, sleep and change of clothes. So really, life IS work. So of course I want it to end.
How much more left until summer break?