My husband got home last night at 1.18 am. I know because I looked at my cell phone and the number stuck.

So, 1.18 am. From work.

I think it’s insane.

But then this morning I checked facebook while eating my cereal, and one of my closest friends’ status said she’d got home from work at midnight.

At some point we’ll just have to say enough is enough.


A fool’s wardrobe

I hate clothes.

I was born with zero fashion sense. In high school I wore purely black for 2 years. People assumed I was goth or depressed. I wasn’t. I simply didn’t know how to match colors and opted for the safest bet.

Now my wardrobe is mostly grey, with some black, some beige and some pink (for days when I need cheering up).

I love that my job requires me to wear a suit. It’s easy. I don’t worry about being over or under dressed.

The biggest problem has been what to wear under the suit. I don’t like buttoned shirts because I keep worrying about the neck getting all weird.

After much observation of suited up women, I’ve settled for turtlenecks. They look good, not too formal, not too casual, no worries about cleavage.

The only problem will be summer, but it seems years away now.