Dating in Finance

I think working in finance makes you a very-hard-to-date kind of nerd.

You work long hours. Your final work is only a batch of numbers. You definitely don’t save lifes, but you might order cost cuts that make nice people unemployed.

Let’s face it, that’s not likely to make anyone hot.

Which is why most people either started dating BEFORE they started working, or they are dating a finance nerd, too (who might think your pivot table is hot).

Me, I started dating my now husband when I was still in college – studying finance, and he was working in finance.

It was perfect because I could spend all the time I wanted getting ready and pretty for the first special dates.
Since I started working 2 years ago, I think I’ve only done my nails twice. And waxing falls off my priority list more often than I care to admit to the internet.


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