3 weeks?

I just realized that 2 months ago I posted about having 3 weeks left of the worst assignment ever. I misscalculated, obviously. My best guess now is that we have some 3 weeks more to go?


Trying to deal

I’m doing pull ups in my hotel room while listening to Harry Potter 5 (read by amazingly good Jim Dale)

Separation issues

I’m terrible at being away from my husband. I just can’t deal with it so I stop eating and making all the wrong choices. Like I didn’t have dinner last night, nor lunch today. But I’ve had two kit-kats.
It’s obviously worse when I have to travel for work, but honestly I’m not that good either with being 16 hours at work without him everyday.

That’s why I think we should start a business together. A family business we’d run from our coach. Or an office, I’m open. But I’d bury my head on his chest every few hours.

Oh man, why is it still tuesday?

From the beach

I’ve been exiled for a week in a smallish city in the south of Spain. It’s sunny and my room has a view of the sea. As much as I needed to work, I just had to take an evening for myself and actually shut down my laptop before 9 pm. First time in 4 months?

I’m trying to remind myself that life is not as bad as it seems right now.

It would be much easier if my husband was here with me. But he had to work back home. I saw him only 14 hours ago, but knowing I won’t be seeing him for another 96 hours makes me all queasy.

There’s a blond haired baby in the table next to me. My uterus screams at me that everything will be better if we make tons of babies. It sounds like some sort of hormone based scam, but I’m so buying it.


This whole stupid crisis is driving me insane. I need to quit my job, but I won’t find anything else, so I don’t quit. I drive myself crazy with how much I hate this job.

3 weeks

I’m looking at the calendar, trying to convince myself that it’s only 3 more weeks until this assignment is over. Until hell is over. But how am I going to do all I have to do if I have only 3 weeks.
It’s too much pain and I don’t want to do it anymore. But if I quit today, that would be 2 weeks notice so… Not much gained there.
Only 3 weeks.
Exactly as if I quit now, plus week.

Not quitting

As Soon as I wrote the last post about quitting, I got smashed right in the face with the reason I’m hooked to this job:

I get to work with really smart people. It doesn’t happen every day. But it happens. And when it does, I don’t mind the long hours and tight deadlines.

I’m going to a big shot suits meeting next week. I’ll be the lowest rank and I don’t think I’m expected to say much. But still. It scares me, but in a completely motivating way.

My point? I guess I might not be quitting right now, but I’ll continue getting ready just in case I change my mind again.